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Welcome to Mountain House Furniture

With over 15 years of design and quality experience, we bring you the highest quality products from all over the world at affordable prices. Mountain House's design team is renowned for their ability to create unique furniture and ensure spectacular quality. The company's home ground, Canada, has extreme weather and that's precisely why we excel at making outdoor furniture. We must indeed manufacture products which are extremely durable in all kinds of weather, Mountain House Furniture succeeds in combining the best of both worlds, durable outdoor furniture, beautifully designed.
Mountain House Furniture is not only made to last, but it is also made to enjoy. With or without cushions, the chairs are always comfortable. The furniture is also light and requires hardly any maintenance. The fiber coating makes for a soft feel and keeps even the most delicate clothes intact. In short a well-thought-out furniture collection in every aspect.
Cool or cozy, but always stylish Mountain House Furniture has its own character, In fact, it looks so good that it can be used inside the house as well as in the garden or on the terrace. The collection comprises different styles to match every home interior, ranging from colonial, exotic or cozy to minimalist and cool.
Mountain House's talented designers combine high-tech fiber with other materials such as stainless steel or teak and create furniture with well-balanced proportions and unique shapes. The high quality is reflected in the furniture's solidity as such, and also in the finishing. The legs have a nylon cover at the bottom, which protects wooden floors and delicate floor coverings.
Mountain House Furniture is truly furniture for outdoors, in a contemporary, customizable, comfortable design. Mountain House Furniture is a great brand to add to your collection, with diverse looks and styles, there is something to meet everyone's needs. To learn more please visit our website at
Mountain House Furniture
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